• Ages 5+ (25 Designs)

    The 9-piece brain-teasing square puzzle that will have your mind in circles!

    Arrange the 9 pieces into a 3x3 grid so each interior image is paired with its opposite half. Can you solve a SQUZZLE?
    WARNING: May take hours... days... weeks... to solve!

  • Ages 8+

    Prime Suspect is a captivating deduction game designed for 1 to 4 players. It challenges players to strategically arrange suspect tiles based on provided clues to unveil the "Prime Suspect." With varying difficulty levels and two distinct gameplay modes, Prime Suspect promises hours of thrilling entertainment.

  • Ages 3+

    Flipingo is an engaging word recognition matching game designed for players aged 3 years and up. It combines the excitement of Bingo with the educational element of word recognition, making it a fun and interactive experience for young learners.

  • Ages 5+

    Tile Tango is a fast-paced game for up to 4 players where players’ speed, pattern recognition, and spatial orientation skills are challenged. Players compete to match their set of 9 tiles to the 3x3 grid shown on the flipped match card. With a mix of colors and patterns, players must race against each other to be the first to correctly orient their tiles and slap the card to claim the card’s points.